Movies You Should Be Watching This Weekend (Sep 6th 2018)

Grab your popcorn and head on over to theatres - we have a bumper crop this week!

  1. 1 Ranam

    Prithviraj's much-awaited crime drama finally hits screens this September. The teaser and trailers have been hailed by both the audience and other celebrities. Ranam's music and BGM (composed by Jakes Bejoy) have also drawn quite a lot of attention, with the full length track of the title song going on to become extremely popular. The film's gritty and dark storyline is already getting people's pulses racing - be sure to catch it in cinemas at the latest! Ranam is directed by Nirma. Sahadev and will be in theatres this Thursday.

  2. The latest and scariest addition to the 'Conjuring' movie verse, 'The Nun' is a character spin-off which focuses on the origins of the terrifying demon Valak. The Cârta Monastery hides many secrets - a young nun and a tormented priest are sent to investigate the suicide of one of the nuns there and end up stumbling onto a terrifying secret that could very well cost them their lives. Keep a cross handy when you slither into theatres this Friday.

  3. Tovino's career has turned him into one of the most solid and dependable stars in the industry currently. With debut director Fellini, he essays the role of Bineesh Damodaran, a chain smoker from a rural village. Theevandi's music (by Kailas Menon) has already garnered a lot of attention - in particular the melodious 'Jeevamshamayi". It's much delayed release has only stoked the anticipation. Theevandi also stars Suraj Venjaramoodu, Shammi Thilakan and Surabhi Lakshmi. Catch this satirical flick in a theatre near you on the 7th of September.

  4. Sunny Wayne enters into the role of a chef in this drama set in the late 1990's. Liquor, food, friends and fun are the highlight of this movie. Sunny Wayne's new look for the movie has already set fans aflutter and there is no doubt that this one will be a crowd-puller for the young star. French Viplavam has also roped in some veteran stars like Lal and Chemban Vinod Jose and is directed by Maju. Don't miss it when you go to theatres this weekend.

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Movies You Should Be Watching This Weekend (Sep 6th 2018)

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