Trance Malayalam Movie Review: Bold Attempt, Derailed.

Trance Review

Just got out of Lulu PVR after watching Fahad Fazil’s Trance movie. Oh boy, what a disappointment!

I had high hopes for this movie. Amal Neerad, Anwar Rasheed, Fahad Fazil. These three names were more than enough to guarantee a good quality movie. The promos and songs of the movie also had hinted at a “rags to riches” story. Of a motivational speaker, perhaps!

First half of the movie was amazing. It went through Viju Prasad’s struggle of being a motivational speaker in a small town in India. From the song promo it looked like this movie was about his struggles. Of how successful how he may become later in life. Maybe I was mistaken.

This movie is not about Fahad’s character. In fact, it looks like a bold attempt to “troll” out some of the religious sections of the society. That boldness has to be appreciated.

But beyond it, the second half of the movie was derailed. I loved the movie until the point where Viju gets attacked. But that was it.

From then on, the movie is literally trippy but without the fun or excitement. Gautam Vasudev Menon is getting stereotyped in all his recent movies. I like his gait with dark shadows and everything but man, the same character in every movie? 🤨

It ends in a very predictable and bland climax with several unnecessary fillers.

The ONLY thing that remains in your mind after the movie is the trippy trance music. And that too, a lot of shades from Midival Pundits. Specifically “Pathan Dhol Remix of Atomizer”.

And the ending in Amsterdam? Why? 🤔

Oh! And also. If this movie resembles Steve Martin’s “Leap of Faith” in anyway, it’s purely coincidental.


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Trance Malayalam Movie Review: Bold Attempt, Derailed.

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