10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Tovino Thomas!

Tovino Thomas is the new "Greek God" of Mollywood - with his suave looks and acting skills, he has got fans swarming over him. A newcomer with no previous background in films, Tovino's rise has been meteoric. His tireless efforts in relief camps during the worst flooding to hit Kerala in recent years has also shown us that he is a man of character.

  1. Sometimes good movies don't get the appreciation they deserve. Such was the case with 'Guppy'. Tovino Thomas won awards and accolades for his role in the movie which was completely ignored by the general public. 'Guppy' was re-released in January this year to a much warmer welcome. Now that's star power.

  2. Tovino may not have a godfather in the industry but he does share a success story with another young star - none other than Nivin Pauly. Tovino and Nivin are also related and share a close friendship. Someday, they may even share a screen together!

  3. In an era where celebrity breakups scream at us from the covers of magazines and gossip columns, a sincere love story is refreshing to hear about. Tovino and his wife Lidiya courted for ten years before they got married. Their love story began in the final years of high school and Tovino credits his wife with undying support in trying times. The couple have a daughter, Izza Thomas.

  4. Actors have to be well acquainted with their own craft. Tovino has said that his interest in films began early. In a 2017 interview, he revealed that his favourite movie was 'Into The Wild'; a Hollywood movie based on the true-life story of Christopher McCandless. (Source: http://www.ritzmagazine.in/taking-on-the-reigns-a-chat-with-tovino-thomas/)

  5. Most of us never know where our favourite celebrities were before they came into the limelight - well Tovino Thomas was a software engineer at Cognizant Technologies, Chennai. Unhappy with his job, Tovino quit months after he joined. He did get early offers to work in films but they fell through. The actor thinks that those early hitches were a blessing in disguise though. (Source:http://www.monsoonbreeze123.com/2015/03/23/he-pursued-his-dreams-to-reality-an-interview-with-actor-tovino-thomas/)

  6. A self-described introvert, Tovino recounted in an interview about his transformation in high-school - from a shy boy to school leader to Mr.Thrissur eventually. That confidence can be seen even today in the strength of the roles he chooses.

  7. No red-blooded Indian parent would dream of their child quitting a cushy techie job to pursue something as fickle as an acting career - and maybe that's why Tovino's parents were extremely reluctant to support his dreams. They even gave him a time limit - one year - to achieve his goals or back to the software industry he would go. The actor has a very good relationship with his parents and credits his father as his most valued critic.

  8. Modelling seems like a great stepping stone to films. Tovino Thomas recounts his own frustrations with the career which did give him more visibility but also posed more challenges. He was told that he wasn't suitable for a film career. An advertisement director even refused to pay him for working. The angry Tovino then retorted that one day, they wouldn't be able to afford him. Looks like he kept his word. (Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/malayalam/movies/news/I-was-given-one-year-to-try-my-luck-in-films-Tovino-Thomas/articleshow/34161223.cms)

  9. Many actors involve themselves behind the scenes of films - some become producers, directors and even scriptwriters. Tovino himself worked in the pre-production stages of Roopesh Peethambaran and Dulquer Salman's 'Theevram'.

  10. Most people remember Tovino from the movie 'ABCD'. A fan would know that his proper debut was in 'Prabhuvinte Makkal'. However, Tovino had previously worked in short films like 'Grisaille' and 'Jalakam' as well as a music album.

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10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Tovino Thomas!

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