This Australian Man Just Went Viral In Kerala For All The Wrong Reasons

Keralites never miss an opportunity to poke fun at someone.

Shakespeare once wrote: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Well this Australian man with a really unfortunate last name might be begging to disagree.

Oliver Kundigraber's profile on LinkedIn looks pretty standard - he's an accomplished man. But his last name raised eyebrows amongst Malayalis, with one going as far as to leave a comment on his profile explaining exactly what his name meant and why he might want to be a bit discreet with it.

Girish Ramdas' original comment on Oliver's profile reads: ""Hi, Oliver, please update your last name as you have become a huge what's app sensation in South India where almost 100m people now are trolling your last name. Kundigrabber in the local language here means someone who grabs other people's asses!! I suggest you change it to Olive. K - this is just a suggestion from a concerned netizen. Cheers! Girish"

The viral profile has already sparked off memes - and it isn't just from Malayalis. Looks like some like-minded Kannadiga bros are giving us from Shakeela-naadu serious competition. 

Oliver Kundigraber has not publicly responded to the hilarity and one wonders whether he might even view it quite so positively - his name and profile has been publicly doxxed by the trolls and Whatsapp forwards. It might be better to exercise caution when revealing such information or making people the butt of sexual innuendos. 


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This Australian Man Just Went Viral In Kerala For All The Wrong Reasons

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