The Kitchen – An Event for Entrepreneurs in Kochi

Network with the best entrepreneurs in Kochi.

Let the name not deceive you

Welcome to Kitchen 2.3 : Kochi Edition !

Kitchen is a not-for-profit started in the year 2015 to give the business fraternity of Kerala a platform to interact, share and learn new things. They host monthly events on last Thursday's of every month. And it has nothing to do with food or restaurant business.

Kitchen is simply a platform where you brew new ideas and to co-learn from shared experience.

Who should attend Kitchen :

  • CXO, Business heads looking to partner with SME's
  • SME / Startup founders/team
  • Professionals looking for networking
  • Investors/Media looking to interact with the business/SME audience

Date: Thursday, November 30 at 5:30 PM - 9 PM


5:30 PM : Registrations & networking

6:00 PM : Panel 1 : 

6:30 PM : Professionals in Focus: Reshmi CR ( Senior DGM , Corporate Communications, Kochi Metro ) 

7:15 PM : Tea - Break & Networking

7:25 PM: Magazine cover launch

7:30 PM: Panel 2 : 

8:10 PM : 

8:30 PM : Closing remarks

8:40 PM : Networking 

9:30 PM : Dinner with Speakers


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The Kitchen – An Event for Entrepreneurs in Kochi

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