The Best Malayalam Movies of 2018 (So Far)

Exactly what the label says it is. Jokes aside, While there's still quite a bit of the year left to go, there has been quite a crop of good movies which have attracted both critical and commercial success. KochiBuzz brings you the best films this year has produced (so far). Of course, the box office isnt done with us yet, and there are some heavy hitters lines up in the last months of the year: "Odiyan", "Ranam: Detroit Crossing", "Oru Kuttandan Blog" and "Kayamkulam Kochunni" are some of the most awaited releases. Stay tuned!

  1. An actor who has often been criticised for staying within his 'comfort zone', Nivin Pauly took it out of the box by playing a man with autism. Jude and his quirky family move to Goa where he meets the irrepressible and somewhat unstable Crystal (Trisha) and her father. The events that follow challenge Jude to overcome he challenges presented by his condition. A sensitive and surprisingly in-depth look at the challenges faced by autistic adults, Hey Jude is as light and charming as the Beatles song for which it is named.

  2. 2 Carbon

    If Munariyippu was a sharp blow to the head, director Venu's Carbon has been equally riveting for viewers. Starring the talented Fahad Faasil and Manga Mohandas, Carbon was hailed for it's excellent cinematography and unsettling atmosphere. The film and it's wacky protagonist leave the audience with a lot of unanswered questions.

  3. Heartwarming' would be a one-word review for this movie - a pleasant drama with understated performances all through. Soubin Shahir excels as the gruff but caring Majeed and the host of characters (mostly played by newbies) steal the spotlight with their performance, especially Majid's umma.

  4. Sweeping vistas of a troubled sea and a death in the family - Lijo Jose Pelissery's movie captures the gritty realism he is famous for. The sound effects and cinematography are spot on (well deserving of the State Award) and performances by the cast members are phenomenal. Ee Ma Yau is a poignant hymn to death and man's relationship with the abyss.

  5. Films depicting the 'T' in LGBT are rare in Mollywood and transgenders who are present in cinema are often portrayed as petty criminals or perverts. For too long, Soothradharan's Leelakrishna remained the archetype for trans-characters. Jayasuriya manages to give a powerful and convincing portrayal of a trans-woman - one who is strong and calm and dare I say fierce. Supported by a strong cast who all performed excellently, this film is a must watch.

  6. 6 Eeda

    Shakespeare finds voice in yet another adaptation of Romeo and Juliet - Eeda surprised audiences with great acting and story. The story of star-cross'd lovers blends in with political intrigue and tragedy to create an interesting film.

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The Best Malayalam Movies of 2018 (So Far)

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