Seminar on Film & Media Education in India

Film buffs, take note.

Hosted by Neo Film School Kochi

  • Neo is happy to announce a Seminar on Film & Media Education in India. The seminar will be conducted at Neo film school campus. School director Mr.Jain Joseph - FTII (Pune), IIM(Ahmedabad) will lead the discussions. The topic of the seminar is…
  • Film and Media Education in India, which will give you proper information about the Film education process and Institution. 
  • What happens in a Film School?
  • Can art be taught?
  • Do we really need to learn in a Film School to learn Film?

Date:- 22nd November 2017

Time:- Nov 22 at 9 PM to Nov 23 at 4 PM

Registration Fee - Rs 250/-

Enquiries:- +918891032510

Location: Neo Film School, Janatha Junction, Kochi, India 682025


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Seminar on Film & Media Education in India

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