Oru Kuprasiddha Payyan – New Poster Release

Tovino Thomas ups the hype for his latest movie.

Tovino Thomas is pushing ahead with the promotion for his latest flick: Oru Kuprasiddha Payyan. 

The latest poster introduces the heroine, Anu Sithara in her avatar as Jalaja.

Earlier, the actor had also released a trailer for the movie on his Facebook page. 

Oru Kuprasiddha Payyan - Trailer


Tovino Thomas' popularity has been heightened post his dramatic volunteer efforts at relief camps during the Kerala Flood. The young actor is also hot property in the cinema field right now as he has produced several popular films since the end of last year. 2017 end, Tovino's fame shot through the roof with the runaway success of Mayanadhi. His recent outings too are quite successful, with Theevandi still running in theatres. 

Tovino Thomas has also won a fair bit of notoriety with his willingness to take up more physically intimate scenes with his co-stars - something many prominent actors and actresses refuse to do. The actor is supremely confident and this shines through in his movies. 

Oru Kuprasiddha Payyan is a thriller directed by Madhupal (acclaimed director of Ozhimuri.) Madhupal has based the film on several similar incidents involving a murder and legal proceedings. The cast of the movie also includes Nimisha Sajayan, Nedumudi Venu, Saranya Ponvannan, Alencier Ley and Sudheer Karamana.


Oru Kuprasiddha Payyan – New Poster Release

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