5 Reasons Why There Will Never Be Another Like Mohanlal

"Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus..." Shakespeare may as well have been talking about Mohanlal's reputation in Malayalam cinema. Win an acting career that spans well over 350 films in multiple language, Mohanlal is a treasure to Malayalis and seldom has there ever been actor more appreciated. But what makes the great man tick?

  1. Where many people require props and preparation to create their characters, Mohanlal requires only a glance and a look. His acting is a curious mixture of serious effort and impromptu acting. It is said that during the filming of Iruvar, the director even forgot to call "Cut!" at the end of scenes, so naturally did he act. And that is what makes Mohanlal a force to be reckoned with - the combination of natural talent with sheer focus and concentration.

  2. "Screen presence" is something that is absolutely essential for actors - the audience must feel their presence in every scene rather than simply see them on screen. Mohanlal possesses this trait in real life as well as on-screen. He dominates every scene he is in and sometimes shines even in roles which are not very lengthy. Even when he takes a backseat to other actors (like in Panchagni) his presence boosts the movie.

  3. Mohanlal's greatest strength is his ability to take on the mantle of any character that he wishes - whether that of a mythical being (Odiyan), a feudal landlord (Aaram Thampuran) or goonda with a golden heart (Spadikam). His ability to bring all kinds of characters to life has made him a force to reckon with. Whether larger than life or down to earth, you can be sure that Mohanlal will bring his best to every role he plays.

  4. Solomon's famous Bible quotation in Nammuku Paarkan Munthirithoppukal has become an iconic dialogue of romance but romance isn't the only thing in Mohanlal's repertoire. He started his career as a mediocre villain a d built it up to include heroes and heroes with shades of gray. Mohanlal is at home playing a struggling kathakali artist (Vanaprastham) or a convicted killer (Sadayam) as he is playing the comic Vijayan (Nadodikaatu). His skills can be brought into any genre with a considerable amount of success.

  5. Madhu Melethil
    Malayalam cinema has achieved fame for it's realistic and gritty depictions of ordinary life. Our biggest stars aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Mohanlal himself has given some stunning and very relatable performances as a "common man" - someone we could well encounter in real life. Drishyam, Kireedam and other notable films in his career have proved that he can be a man like any other.

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5 Reasons Why There Will Never Be Another Like Mohanlal

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