Maari 2 – Get Ready For Some Thara Local Action

He's back!

In 2015, Balaji Mohan's colourful gangster Maari won the hearts of viewers. Now in 2018, the director looks to repeat that success with the sequel to the first film featuring once more, the iconic and 'thara local' Maari and his cohorts. 

Maari 2 -Official Trailer

The trailer is set eight years post the first film and looks at Maari's adventures in a new place and with new challenges to overcome. The movie is colourful, riotous with song and dance and some Bruce Lee-esque action. 

Malayali fans also have cause to rejoice for our very own Tovino Thomas is playing the antagonist Thanatas, aka Beeja. With two distinct getups, a mysterious "Eye of Providence" tattoo and a name that is inspired by the Greek God of Death, Tovino Thomas puts up a menacing avatar. 

Sai Pallavi replaces Kajal Aggarwal as love interest and plays an upbeat and bubbly auto-driver who is crazy for Maari.

If reactions to the trailer are anything to go by, this will be a cracker of a film and a great way to spend your Christmas holidays. 


Maari 2 – Get Ready For Some Thara Local Action

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