Subhiksha BTH Bharat Hotel (3/3)

Fancy a sadya or traditional vegetarian food items? Look no further, BTH is your best bet and it is pretty convenient since it is located right in the center of Ernakulam town. What did I like? This is THE place for masala dosa-onion uthappam kind of breakfasts or a fulfilling sadya that makes you want to drool long after it is over, though I am not a fan of their idlis. or cutlet. Don't miss out on the warm herbal water drink they offer you at the start - it's considered to be good for your digestion, so drink it and don't even think of asking for chilled water instead. What's My Pro Tip? Simply put, this is every vegetarian's dream-come-true sort of restaurant. Just so you know - the service isn't great and their rates are on the higher side.


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Subhiksha BTH Bharat Hotel (3/3)

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