Dwaraka Hotel (2/3)

If you grew up in Kochi in the 80s, you would have tasted the yummiest, crispiest variety of dosas and other vegetarian dishes at the Dwaraka Hotel, Pallimukku. The building stands tall, regal and used to bring about the 'awww' feeling when you walked in through its once-beautiful interiors. Right now, it has an air of withering decadence but if a dose of nostalgia is what you seek when you are in Kochi, head here and taste their vegetarian spread. What did I like? My personal favorite used to be a Navaratan Pulao and a Kashmiri Pulao - it was the first time I had ever tasted something uniquely North Indian and it made my taste buds tingle with anticipation for more! Don't forget to sample their paper roast dosas that are served with white and red coconut-based chutneys. Dunk it down with piping hot chai. You can also opt for their Kerala parottas with a vegetable korma. What's My Pro Tip? Their rates are affordable but if the finer details of eating out matter to you - like ambience, cutlery, fine dining etiquette and interior decor- you can rethink and head out to someplace else.


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Dwaraka Hotel (2/3)

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