Freak Penne – The Curious Case of Priya Prakash Warrier

Why the National Crush is breakig records in all the wrong kind of ways.

Freak Penne

When Omar Lulu released the Freak Penne song from the much hyped Oru Adaar Love, he probably was expecting it to break all kinds of records - just not the one for fastest 100k dislikes on YouTube. The video has crossed 600k dislikes so far and does not look like it's slowing down anytime soon. So what happened?

What Went Wrong?

Priya Prakash Warrier had a meteoric rise to fame - going viral in a matter of days for her (in)famous wink in the song "Manikya Malaraya Poovi" from Oru Adaar Love. It wasn't just Priya: the entire cast got a lot of attention but it was her who stole the show. 

Dozens of lovestruck Indians posted her as a Whatsapp status and even videshis got in on the act by doing reaction videos. Releasing the next song with the National Crush™ in it should be a sure recipe for success right? Right?

It seems that the nature of Malayalis has kicked into full gear. Rarely do we enjoy seeing someone so young get so much fame without injecting some kind of cynicism into it. 

Priya's heavy makeup and dress at an award's function and the fact that she hired someone to carry the train of her dress left many fans sour. Priya's stint in the Munch ad also caused many to comment on her poor acting skills and lack of presence. 

Lastly, she made a joke about Rahul Gandhi copying her wink in Parliament and that didn't go over well…

If Priya's behaviour and sudden presence in the limelight caused some to go green with envy, others were left tickled by the lyrics to the song. 

"First bus poyyi…Dhe second bus poyyi" isn't exactly the stuff of Pulitzer dreams. The song claims to be a rap but executes the rap badly while the lyrics are quote childish. Even Noorin Shereef's little costume troll of actress Parvathy Menon failed to save the song from the hordes of dislikes.


While dislikes are all well and good - everyone has the right to an opinion after all - is it really wise to be making fun of eighteen-nineteen year old schoolkids in such a manner the real way to express disapproval? Sure, they are famous, but they don't deserve to be penalised in such a manner for their inexperience in the limelight and any possible mistakes they make. 

Some of the comments on the video border on cruel. Perhaps people should also look to correct their own "jada" before they attempt to cure famous people of it.

That said, it is 2018 and well, Freak Penne has earned it's place as one of the most colourful controversies the year has produced. Here's hoping the team of Oru Adaar Love can take it in the right sense - there's no such thing as negative publicity right?


Freak Penne – The Curious Case of Priya Prakash Warrier

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