Where do you get the best Biriyani in Kochi?

There's Malabari, Kozhikodan, Hyderabadi & what not..but the best in Kochi?

  1. Kochi's own!

  2. Sujitha Nair
    The taste of Malabar!

  3. 3 Kayees

    Kayees has a tradition of their own and a taste that makes Kochiites go crazy!

  4. Small place, great taste!

  5. There are huts everywhere in the city. And biriyani is what they make the best.

  6. You will mistake this place for anything but a hotel. Bonus points for ambience!

  7. Different taste of Biriyani!

  8. Miss the Tamil style, Dindigul biriyani? This is your place.

  9. If you crave some authentic Malabar style Thalassery biriyani, this is your go to place.

  10. Alibaba offers some serious competition to everyone else in the town.

  11. Did you sat good food should come with ambience? Did you?

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Where do you get the best Biriyani in Kochi?

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