Best Shawarma Restaurants In Kochi

  1. If you like huge dollops of cheese and mayo this is the restaurant for you.

  2. Al Taza is the most famous shawarma restaurant in Kochi. It's known for its shawarma plates, good quality of food, and outstanding service.

  3. Sultanate of Shawarma is known for its outstanding presentation and big portions.

  4. Shawarmashi is known for their authentic shawarma, that is without mayonnaise.

  5. Cafe Dubai focuses more on sauce and less on mayo and cheese for their shawarma.

  6. Arabian Cafe is known for its quantity and quality of meat.

  7. In out Cafe makes a very different type of shawarma. Its Flat!

  8. Shawarma Daddy specializes in yummy cheese shawarma. 🤤

  9. The Charcoal Shack is known for its elaborate menu and spicy food.


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Best Shawarma Restaurants In Kochi

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