Best Malayalam Food YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the most-watched sites in India. Kerala has emerged as the state with the highest number of food channels on YouTube. This is because of the increasing demand for Indian cuisine in other countries, especially in Europe. In the modern age of social media, YouTube is an important platform for sharing videos. People in Kerala too have started using YouTube to share their cooking videos. The trend has been increasing in popularity over the past few years and a lot of people have started making money from this. With all that said, here are my top ten food channels in Kerala. (This list is not based on sheer numbers but purely on the quality and quantity of the videos)

    Food N Travel is personally one of my favorites. He visits famous thattukadas, restaurants, and more. He has a very friendly personality and always reviews the food with great detail.

    This is a channel that was started to get people to be aware of the rich culture of Kerala's village food It is a channel that is all about the village life and food of Kerala. If you ever feel that you want to calm down and relax while being a foodie? This is the channel I would recommend

    This channel is very different from others as you can see from the video above they make their own crazy dishes from scratch such as this watermelon chicken dish.

    Kishore is an actor in a popular show called Star Magic in Kerala. He has a unique personality and reviews Kerala street food, cooking recipes, and travel in his Malayalam channel.

    Eat Kochi Eat is an amazing and energetic community that reviews the unique dishes and restaurants of Kochi.

    Bon Appetite is a shorts channel that uploads tasty and different foods. It is hosted by Hari who has a unique style of taking videos and editing. The overall channel is very catchy and entertaining to watch.

    Wayward Gourmet is a channel that uploads various cuisines. Its hosted by Muhammed Aflahe. What I really like about this channel is its unique narration and video shooting style.

    Food Ward Fyz is a channel that shares unique foods and recipes. He is from Mallapuram and has an enthusiastic video shooting and narration style.

    Kerala Street Food is a channel that focuses mainly on Kerala street food. It is hosted by Abdul Hakeem and really highlights small restaurants and tells you their story, dishes served, etc.

    Mrinal is a writer and a content strategist. He's a blogger who's been blogging for almost a decade now. Mrinal reviews local foods in Kerala and even makes some dishes himself! Overall this is a very informative and fun channel to watch with all his funny jokes, comments, etc.


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Best Malayalam Food YouTube Channels

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