KochiBuzz is a collaborative project by a bunch of folks who are passionate about Kochi.

Led by Mani Karthik, an entrepreneur and blogger originally from Kochi, KochiBuzz features all the cool stuff in Kochi. From events, movies, hotels and fun.. KochiBuzz covers everything the new millenial is fond of.

If you’d like to join us, check out this page here. If you have a story to tell us or want us to cover your product launch or event, let us know here.

Is KochiBuzz, a lifestyle blog from Kochi?

Yes but more than that. We aim to cover what is interesting for the new-age young crowd. That means we’re a lifestyle blog, an event blog, a travel blog and much more. Yes, we are in a bit of an identity crisis right now. 😀

Top Bloggers in Kochi

If you’re looking for top lifestyle bloggers in Kochi, you’re at the right place. Mani Karthik, is one of the leading influencers in Kochi, and very well known in the Kochi circle. We are a bunch of bloggers ourselves, so we know what we’re talking about.

Source – FWD Life

If you want your events in Kochi to be covered, or your product to be launched in Kochi, let us know and we shall get it done for you. With style!

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