10 Times Mammootty Proved He Was The Best In Mollywood

Fan wars aside, the ageless Ikka is one of Malayalam cinema's stalwart actors and a fantastic one to boot. We've compiled a list of his best performances (which is admittedly, too small to contain his massive filmography.) Mammootty's ability to take any character from any background and make him memorable is one of his most brilliant aspects as an actor.

  1. It is difficult to imagine a hero and bring him to life - it must be even more difficult to take a villain and turn him into a hero! The passionate and heartrending performance of Mammootty as the legendary Chandu won many hearts in this classic period film. Instead of being the betrayer, Chandu is the betrayed. The excellent story by M.T.Vasudevan and superb performances by supporting characters only enhance Mammootty's brilliant characterisation in this film.

  2. While Mammootty is known for the intensity and depth of his characters, he can also pull off lighthearted movies as well. As "Ari" Pranchi, Mammootty brings the bumbling but big-hearted merchant to life. The story which incorporates some fantasy elements left audiences smiling and was one of the biggest hits of the year.

  3. Mammootty and Mohanlal may be rival titans but they have shared screen-space in some great movies. Adiyozhukkukal is a tense, gripping movie with a fantastic performance given by Mammootty as Karunan. A complex character with shades of arrogance and strength, Karunan's journey to avenge himself against a faithless friend won Mammootty the State Award in 1984.

  4. Balram is one of Mammootty's most iconic cop characters. The fierce and bristling policeman takes on corruption and seeks to clear his name of false charges. Balram is anger personified, both rude and brash but also intelligent and driven. Mammootty's ability to handle morally-grey characters was well demonstrated by this character which would also establish his deftness in handling action-heavy movies.

  5. Policeman, lawyer, investigator - Mammootty shows his decided penchant for playing men on the right side of the law. The analytical and intellectual Sethuram Iyer is one of his most recognised roles and is played with poise and grace. Oru CBI Diarykuruppu was an instant hit, spawning a series of films which delight viewers to this day. The character is said to have been inspired by Mammootty's senior in college: Radhavinod Raju.

  6. Perhaps not quite as famous as the other roles he has done, the role of the servant Ponthan Mada was unorthodox and intriguing. The film depicts a colonial India and the heartwarming friendship between the landlord Sheema Thampuran and Ponthan. The film has it's fair share of highs and lows but Mammootty's humble and inspiring performance will haunt you. Incidentally, the film was Naseeruddin Shah's first and only film in Malayalam.

  7. Based on the autobiographical story of the same name by the beloved Malayali author Basheer, Mathilukal is a subtle and intense film. Mammootty plays Basheer himself, who falls in love with Narayani - the woman he never sees but only hears from across the great prison wall. The movie won Mammootty a National Award and earned internationally acclaim.

  8. Perhaps one of the more sombre movies on the list. Mammootty dons his detective hat as Haridas who investigates the decades-old murder of Manikyam, a young woman. Haridas journey's into Manikyam's past and unravels the mysteries of the small village in which she lived and inadvertently explores his own past as well. The film features Mammootty in a triple role - as Haridas, as the cruel feudal landlord Ahmed Haji and his son Zakir Ahmed.

  9. In keeping with his "good-guy bad-boy" repertoire, Mammootty's Bilal remains one of the most iconic gangsters in Malayalam film. Bilal's gritty revenge drama will be getting a sequel soon and it looks like people can't wait to see the grim gangster again.

  10. In this sublime performance, Mammootty brings a serial killer to life. A clever man, a witty man, a man who refuses to leave jail even when offered his freedom. When a well-meaning journalist takes him out to write his life story and make a killing, Mammootty transforms from a mild-mannered man to a monster found only in nightmares. His ability to bring out such a change in character is absolutely chilling. In recent times, this movie proved that the man has got more mileage in him than we could have dreamed of.

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10 Times Mammootty Proved He Was The Best In Mollywood

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