10 Best Yoga Classes in Kochi

Since the lockdown, everyone’s exploring their old hobbies, trying out new things, starting new habits, talking about mental health, and whatnot. So guess what, fitness is back in trend!! Let’s talk about one of the biggest fitness fads for physical, mental, and overall well-being; if you have already not got it from the title, I am talking about YOGA. So here’s a list of all kinds of yoga places in Kochi.

  1. A hot cup of refreshing green tea after a calming meditation on a tranquil rooftop space with soft music playing in the background in a setting where candles are lit up...Is there a better way to start your day?? This is what you get at Praana Yoga Studio Fort Kochi. Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa are the types of yoga that are practiced here. The instructors here follow a serious tone of teaching with a pinch of humor added to keep the atmosphere friendly and comfortable. If you are in Kochi for a few days and want to experience yoga, this is the best place to drop in.It’s also fit for locals for regular classes. You will find a mix of both Indian and Foreign Yogis here. Their classes have two slots 7:30 am - 9:00 am and 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm. Highly recommended for beginners!! They mostly have a drop-in class of 90 minutes duration (which varies). Drop-in classes are slightly on the pricier side. Since the lockdown, they also offer private home tuitions.

  2. This is one of the most popular yoga classes in Kochi. They majorly focus on Hatha yoga from the Sivananda tradition, ‘Sajee Yoga’ named after their Yoga Master Sajeevan A M. They have morning and afternoon sessions every day. This school is extremely famous for its teacher training courses. Their philosophy is to monitor the body and mind nutritionally through yoga. Talking about nutrition, they serve Sattvic food which is the Yogic diet after every class in its most traditional form, home-cooked. You will find a mixed crowd of people here from all over the world. They have retreats, local classes and also provide classes on a drop-in basis for both their morning and evening sessions.

  3. Located in Vyttila, Rudra offers a variety of classes ranging from yoga therapy classes, classes for heart patients, pregnant women, and has also got ladies only classes. They offer vacation classes for kids. They have a well-structured program and focus on spirituality and personal development. Rudra was started by Yogacharya Sudheer and his wife Uma Sudheer. They offer both theory and practical classes for better understanding, which is a rare thing. They have classes that explain diet control and lifestyle tips that are practical.

  4. Popular for their Slim Yoga session and Hatha Yoga sessions, this place offers a lot of different types of classes that aim at focusing on specific issues that you are facing. Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Slim Yoga, and Hatha Yoga are the styles they practice here. Also, they have interesting courses like Kayakalpa Yoga Therapy, Pushti Yoga ( Weight Gain), They have special Wednesday classes for focusing on Mental Strength. For people with not much time to spare to go and take these classes, they have a one week course after which you can practice at home. Besides, they have NSIM and BSS certified yoga teacher training courses.

  5. This is another great place to learn yoga. The instructor is very experienced and focuses more on making you explore what your body is capable of. They have 1-hour classes in general packed with a lot of intensity, but it's worth it!! The Iyengar style yoga practice here has high praise. It is a very disciplined class, so if you are lazy and tardy and are looking for some laid back place to explore yoga, this is not your cup of tea. In terms of cost, it is comparatively reasonable.

  6. They practice a variety of styles ranging from Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Sivananda. The trainer Amarjith Balakrishnan’s proficiency in psychology combined with his years of experience in yoga training for all age groups gives it its unique character in terms of the teaching practice. Their philosophy of ‘Yoga for all’ is achieved by creating tailor-made yoga training and therapy. They also have retreat programs, basic teacher training, online courses, corporate and office yoga. Their main focus point is stress management.

  7. Coming into this sweet family environment you will find people of all age groups here with different interests. High praises for Yogacharya Rajendra for his systematic and patient approach. The instructors here follow a custom-suited approach to address your particular objectives and problems that you face. Apart from their simple teaching style, the course is easy and comfortable and gets progressively advanced. The flexible timings, personalized classes, and extra lifestyle tips are truly the cherries on the top. Due to the lockdown, they have live online classes twice a week if you want to give it a try now. Not so pricey either. Typically they have one-hour classes.

  8. A beautiful inside-out ambiance with the green landscape enveloping you while you are doing the pranayamas is what is one of the best settings that you could ask for in a yoga class. It's a good studio for both beginners and advanced yogis. There's a sense of community that you will feel in the studio. Their major strength lies in Meditation. Also, it's a good place for kids.

  9. Prajapathi has a holistic and highly personalized approach to yoga teaching. Their focus points are therapeutic healing and therapy classes. I highly recommend their early morning sessions. Girija B Nair known for her cheerful and overwhelming personality has an interesting way of teaching by explaining the science of yoga. There are students of varying levels in every class without any lack of personal attention for any.

  10. Evident from its name, the specialty of this studio certainly revolves around staying in shape and slimming up. Here, yoga is tweaked to use a slimming tool mainly. Other than regular yoga classes they have institutional yoga classes that are focused on stress management, figure management, power yoga and treating ailments, etc. They also offer home tuitions with a choice of male and female instructors...a little pricey though.


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10 Best Yoga Classes in Kochi

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