10 Best Malayalam Movies on Netflix

Going to the theatres and watching good Malayalam movies on the big screen with my friends after an exhausting day of work is something that I miss the most during this lockdown. I am pretty positive that a lot of you can relate to this. So here’s a spoiler-free list of some of the good Malayalam movies on Netflix for all of you who can’t survive without watching a Malayalam movie now and then.

  1. Being a commercially successful comedy-drama movie starring Soubin, Sudani from Nigeria doesn’t fall into the typical sports drama cliché category. It’s a breath of fresh air in its casting, script, and direction, making it a must-watch Malayalam movie on Netflix if you missed it out in theatres.

  2. Inspired by a true story, the movie presents a relevant subject and talks about the ‘click-post-troll’ culture that we have and the butterfly effect of that small act. As the title suggests what a small act of ‘Vikrithi’ some of us do, can rise to is the setting of the story. Strong characters, brilliant narrative, and the refreshing way in which humor is incorporated into it make it a complete treat to watch.

  3. If you want a light, “not so intense” movie to watch on a weekend after dinner, with your family, this is a good one!! It's a classic Malayalam rom-com. Suresh Gopi-Sobhana duo’s return on the silver screen is the highlight. An insane number of references to older movies is what put me off after a point though.

  4. Even though not the best Malayalam crime thriller out there at the moment, it's an interesting attempt at creating a complex story with layers and gobsmacking twists. It's worth a watch for Tovino, that’s about it.

  5. 5 Uyare

    Disturbing, inspiring, overwhelming, uplifting, the movie puts you through a whole gamut of emotions in two odd hours. It’s not one of your normal feel-good movies. It’s gripping, compelling and comes with a whole lot of personality. I highly recommend this film.

  6. It is an emotionally strong and moving film with a thought-provoking story. Surabhi’s acting was exceptional for which she won a National Award. The movie is all about the mother-daughter relationship, which is the main narrative. It is not a great skillful movie in terms of all aspects of film-making, but the acting and story make it a really good watch.

  7. Though it’s not one of the most ‘in your face’ options when you open Netflix, it bagged a handful of awards for the subject and the acting that Indrans presented in the movie. It’s a good portrayal of one of the barely grazed subjects in Malayalam. It explores the stereotypes buzzing around the transgender community in an interesting fashion. The movie at the end of the narrative gives the audience a blank canvas to paint their picture is a good watch.

  8. Kappela is a movie that couldn’t make much noise on the big screen due to its unfortunate timing of release just before the COVID’19 breakout. But I feel this is one of the best Malayalam movies out there now. Honestly, at first, it gave out the regular rom-com vibe due to which I was hesitant to watch it, but I am super glad I watched it. This one is not to be missed!

  9. Compelling storytelling and powerful scenes make Thottappan a worthwhile watch. The characters, the story, and their relationships are all cleverly woven together in the script. It's a fascinating movie that should be there on the watch list of every movie buff on Netflix!!

  10. An interesting typical rurban setting in Kerala, with Fahad Fazil playing a really interesting character who's not at the epitome of perfection, is pretty much the backdrop of the movie. Raw, flawed, and selfish to an extent of reality, the transition and depth of his character from start to end makes it a great feel-good movie.


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10 Best Malayalam Movies on Netflix

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